It Pays to Target Demographics with EDDM®
Posted On Feb 24, 2014 in Article by Chris Barr
Basic demographic targeting can produce jaw-dropping results with your direct mail advertising. These results typically include higher response-rates and higher sales conversion rates.

A Quick Note:
Certain products and services may be more or less drastically impacted by targeting. Think luxury cars, medical clinics, insurance agencies -- demographics are very important. In contrast, a pizzeria may find demographic targeting to be less critical (although potentially still beneficial).

Use Demographics, Get Better Results and Get Better Results
With Every Door Direct Mail®, you can reach your target audience without paying for a mailing list or costly “mail house” services like ink-jetting, tabbing, etc.

By targeting addresses via U-Select (the online mapping tool for EDDM®) and the new Heat Map ROI™ feature, you can include multiple demographic selections without increasing the cost of your direct mail.

Choose up to (3) demographic selections with any EDDM® campaign:
  • Household Income
  • Age
  • Home Ownership
  • Gender
  • Presence of Children
The success of a small or medium-sized business often lies within the small to medium-sized marketing decisions the business makes along the way.

Direct Mail Brings in NEW Customers
The truth is that banner ads, emails, and other forms of digital advertising are not “one stop solutions” for cash flow. Outside of pay-per-click (PPC) ads and search engine optimization (SEO), most digital platforms are best used for client retention — not new client acquisition. For example, delivering a virtually cost-free email promotion to an existing customer.

Direct mail puts a powerful offer directly into a prospects’ hands and asks them, “Do you want this or not?”

It only takes a fraction of "yes" answers to drive revenue growth.

Think about marketing in these terms…

Advertising that drives NEW business:

Direct Mail (Forces interaction, guarantees exposure)
TV/Radio Ads
Shared Mail
Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
SEO / SERP Performance
Cold Calling (Not Recommended)
Inbound Marketing
Blogging / Social Media

Advertising that retains EXISTING business:

Text Message
Database Direct Mail
Outbound Marketing (Existing Customers)
Social Media

Only solo direct mail (such as EDDM®) forces interaction and guarantees exposure for your product, service, and/or brand.

Why Not?
No matter what type of advertising you’re doing, it pays to target the right prospects. Would you send a “New Customer Special” to an existing customer? No. Would you send a “Back to School” offer to a retired physician? The answer is obvious.

If you want to more return out of your ad dollars, use all of the targeting resources available.

And wonderfully, when it comes to targeted Every Door Direct Mail® -- targeting will not cost you.

Try EDDM® with FREE Demographics, today!